Tinctures – Herbal Blend


Adrena Uplift – Herb Pharm

Adrenal Support – Herb Pharm

After Pain Relief – Herb Lore

Aller Blast – Urban Moonshine

Anti-Hemorrhage – Herb Lore

Anti-Parasite – Crescent Moon

Anxiety and Stress – Crescent Moon

Anxiety Blend – Herb Lore

Anxiety Soother – Herb Pharm

Athletes Power – Herb Pharm

Balanced Goddess – Sons and Moon

Blood Cleanser – Starwest

Blood Pressure Support – Herb Pharm

Brain and Memory – Herb Pharm

Calm Bladder – Herb Pharm

Calm Breathing – Herb Pharm

Calm Tummy Bitters – Urban Moonshine

Clear Chest – Urban Moonshine

Cold and Flu – Herb Lore

Crone Care Extract – Mountain Rose

Daily Immune Builder – Herb Pharm

Detox – Starwest

Digestive Citrus Bitters – Urban Moonshine

Digestive Ease – Crescent Moon

Digestive Maple Bitters – Urban Moonshine

Energy Boost – Sons and Moon

Energy Tonic – Urban Moonshine

Every Day Focus

Eye Health – Herb Pharm

False Unicorn Extract

Female Libido – Herb Pharm

Female Support – Crescent Moon

Fungus Fighter- Herb Pharm

Gastro Calm – Herb Pharm

Glycemic Assist – Herb Pharm

Good Mood – Herb Pharm

Gum Guardian – Herb Pharm

Gum-omile Oil – Herbs for Kids

Happy Baby – Sons and Moon

Head Soother – Herb Pharm

Healthy Liver Bitters – Urban Moonshine

Heart Health – Herb Pharm

Herbal Detox – Herb Pharm

Herbal Respiratory Relief – Herb Pharm

Herxheimer Relief – Crescent Moon

Hit the Hay – Urban Moonshine

Immunattack – Herb Pharm

Immune Tonic – Urban Moonshine

Immune Zoom – Urban Moonshine

Inflamma Response – Herb Pharm

Intestinal Soother – Herb Pharm

Intestinal Tract Defense – Herb Pharm

Itch Releif

Joint Flexibility – Herb Pharm

Joy Tonic – Urban Moonshine

Kidney Support – Starwest

Kids Captain Concentrate – Herb Pharm

Kids Fast Asleep – Herb Pharm

Kids Immune Avenger – Herb Pharm

Kids Lemon Balm Calm – Herb Pharm

Kids Sinus Samurai – Herb Pharm

Kids Throat Spray – Herb Pharm

Kids Tummy TLC – Herb Pharm

Labor Tincture

Liver Health – Herb Pharm

Love Potion – Sons and Moon

Lung Expectorant – Herb Pharm

Lyme Relief Advanced – Crescent Moon

Lyme Relief Basic – Crescent Moon

Lyme Relief Co-Infection – Crescent Moon

Lyme Relief Enhanced – Crescent Moon

Male Support – Starwest

Male Vitality – Herb Pharm

Marys RA Special Formula – Crescent Moon

Menopause Health – Herb Pharm

Mothers Lactation – Herb Pharm

Muscle Calmer – Herb Pharm

Nausea Relief – Herb Lore

Nervous System Tonic – Herb Pharm

Not Now Nausea – Herb Pharm

Nursing Mothers Liver Tonic – Herb Lore

Original Digestive Bitters – Urban Moonshine

Placenta Release – Herb Lore

Pleurisy Root – Herb Pharm

PMS Comfort – Herb Pharm

Pollen Defense – Herb Pharm

Pre-Conception Tincture – Herb Lore

Pregnant Mothers Liver Tonic

Prickly Ash – Crescent Moon

Prostate Health – Herb Pharm

Quiet Cough Tincture – Herb Lore

Rapid Immune Boost – Herb Pharm

Ready For Pollen

Relaxing Sleep – Herb Pharm

Respiratory support – Crescent Moon

Simmer Down Tonic – Urban Moonshine

Skin Care Extract – Mountain Rose

Skin Health – Herb Pharm

Smokers Replacement – Herb Pharm

Soft Tissue Soother – Herb Pharm

Soothing Oak & Ivy – Herb Pharm

Soothing Throat Spray – Herb Pharm

Stone Breaker – Herb Pharm

Stress Manager – Herb Pharm

Sweet Dream – Crescent Moon

Teething Tincture – Herb Lore

Throat Spray – Urban Moonshine

Thyroid Calming – Herb Pharm

Thyroid Lifter – Herb Pharm

Tummy Tincture – Herb Lore

Urinary Support – Herb Pharm

Vein Health – Herb Pharm

Virattack – Herb Pharm

Vitex Elixer – Gaia

Warming Circulation – Herb Pharm

Wildcrafted Herbal Detox – Sons & Moon

Willow Garlic Ear Oil – Herbs For Kids

Wise Woman Care Extract – Mountain Rose

Women’s Reproductive Health – Herb Pharm