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Naturopathy is the art, science and philosophy of natural healing. Within this philosophy we believe that health is the result of the body being in balance. When the body is out of balance, disease manifests.

A naturopath helps the body to heal by removing some of the obstacles to balance which helps the body to regain its desired state of homeostasis.

Since people are multifaceted, the physical, emotional and spiritual/etherical aspects may need to be addressed. A facilitator of naturopathy addressses these different layers using different tools of naturopathy, including diet, herbs, homeopathy, flower essences, essential oils, emotional release, energy work and more.

These are tools in the tool belt of a naturopath, and each case will require a different approach. This is why naturopathy is also an art.

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People Behind the Scenes

Rebecca Culley-Healey

Rebecca is the resident herbalist and naturopath at Hawthorn & Violet.


Company History

Hawthorn & Violet grew out of a love for the natural world and gardens.  Rebecca and her husband, Pete had their very first garden together on the balcony of their shared flat in England back in 1999.  They’ve gardened in rain and in the dark under spotlights and with babies in swings, because there is never enough time in the day when it comes to people who love to garden.  

Rebecca began to delve into medicinal uses of plants in 2011, started studying naturopathy in 2012 and completed her studies in 2017.  Hawthorn & Violet was started as a naturopathic consultation business in 2017, but it soon became clear we wanted to offer the best of products to our clients right on location.  Thus the apothecary was born.


Seeds Planted

Balcony garden in Urmston, Manchester, England. We may have done some guerrilla gardening when our sunflowers outgrew their pots. Learned much about plants!

Budding Flowers

Began making our own tinctures and salves from herbs for personal use and for family and friends.

Full Bloom

Construction on the building completed and the doors to our herbal apothecary were opened to our customers.